Privacy Policy Glory

The site administration strives to maintain your privacy on the Internet. We also take great care to protect the data you provide. Our privacy policy is based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The purposes for collecting your personal data are: improving our service, communicating with visitors to this site and other activities listed below.

Storage and processing of personal data

We collect and process your personal data only with your voluntary consent. Accordingly, with your permission, we may collect and process your email address. And the collection and processing of your personal information is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the European Union and Kazakhstan.

Processing of visited technical data

Records of your IP address, time of visit, browser settings, operating system and other technical information are stored in a database when you visit Glory casino. Since this data is necessary for the correct display of site content. Using this data, it is not possible to identify the visitor’s identity.

Feedback and final provisions

For any questions related to the privacy policy. You can contact the administration at: [email protected]. Or by filling out the contact form indicated in the appropriate section of the site. If you do not agree to this privacy policy, you will not be able to use the site’s services. In this case, you should avoid visiting our platform.